Incorporating a healthy lifestyle perspective is rarely seen as a well rounded unit. It was fantastic to see the models of behaviour change used to help enhance the uptake of the information. A lot of people know this information but do not know how to present it to their patients. Thanks!

Shawna has developed an incredibly insightful  program about health and wellness all health  professionals need! After she spoke to our staff at Studio Revolution I knew she had shared with us invaluable information that often we preach but don’t as often practice. With full plates and crazy schedules our pursuit of fitness sometimes gets in the way of our ultimate health. With Shawna’s help, we were able to take a deeper dive into the 4 pillars of health that we need to stabilize in order to help our clients. Once we realized that our wellness included not just fitness but nutrition, sleep and mental health and that (gasp!) we need to do this for ourselves before helping others – we were able to make a positive shift in our day to day to ensure our best selves once those clients walked through the door!


We thoroughly recommend Shawna for any Health concerns. We found Shawna to be very easy to talk with, listening to our concerns and giving us her extensive knowledge with  informative feedback. Always following up with resources which she has at her fingertips. The most impressive thing about Shawna is she practices what she preaches!

“Shawna has been an absolute dream to work with. I hired Shawna as a support while I trained for the 70.3 ironman. As a business owner, wife, community influencer the pressure is always high to be everywhere and everyone at once. I was pleasantly surprised when I started working with Shawna that our working relationship went beyond my physical training for my upcoming ironman, it was more about managing my own expectations in my life as a whole and how to cope with the stress. Shawna held me accountable to not just performing at my best, but also taking the rest that my body and mind needed in order for me to progress in my training and in life. Shawna helped me shave off an hour on my expected finish time but more importantly I felt incredibly positive and strong from a mental perspective. I would 100% recommend Shawna to anyone I know, her life experience and background is incredibly valuable.”


I have known Shawna for several years in various capacities and have been routinely impressed by her knowledge, dedication and desire to help others. I have worked with her in her capacity as a Life Coach and found her to be approachable and easy to talk to on a range of subjects. The ideas and strategies she provided me have been useful, easy to apply and I’ve appreciated her stepwise approach to change. I would not hesitate to recommend Shawna to anyone interested in getting support for any life changes they are attempting to make!

Dr. Megan McElheran, Clinical Psychologist

It gives awareness to the many ideas I’ve previously learned and allowed me to integrate new ideas/thoughts into my practice.


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