One on One Professional Coaching

Because there’s no one else who’s exactly like you, a one size fits all program simply won’t deliver the results you really want. That’s why I customize the entire program to your specific needs, which means you get better results faster. We’ll start with a 15-minute phone call to identify your health concerns, habits and obstacles. We’ll talk about the healthy habits you have mastered, and what areas need improvement.

From there, we can go into a more in-depth analysis of your current lifestyle and design a long-term vision of where you want your health to be. We’ll focus on the behaviors you want to improve or change. We start with the one change that will immediately start giving you results and keep your plan simple. I’ll help you reclaim the energy that you’ve been missing and will keep your plan simple so you don’t feel overwhelmed. I’ll help you clarify your true motivations for change, and the strengths you have to help you reach your goals.

I want you to be excited about this new journey, and confident that you can dramatically improve your health and fitness. We’ll then keep working together. I’ve learned from experience that checking in regularly helps you stay motivated and on track. In these ongoing coaching sessions, we’ll celebrate your progress. We’ll discuss the barriers that keep you from being healthy and fit and work on ways to overcome them. We’ll explore topics that challenge or excite you in your wellness journey. If you do the work, you’ll see the results. Let me teach you how to master your health so that you never need to go back to the same struggles that got you here. I want to help you find worthiness and feel comfortable in your own skin again. I want you to love yourself again.

Start your personalized journey with me today. Click the “contact me” button to let me know you’re ready to start.

Health Mastery Intensive

Ready to start living a richer life? Join a small group of like-minded women who want to gain control of their health so that they can excel in their business. Join this eight-week group health mastery program to feel completely supported in making a life transformation. You’ll get the motivation and training to help you make healthy lifestyle changes. You’ll learn the simple strategies to develop lifelong habits for success so you can get back to feeling your best. This group program is filled with support, motivation, and accountability so that you continuously make progress. The next group program will be starting in May 2018. This group is limited to a maximum of 10 people, so make sure that you save your spot today. For more information on this life-changing program, click on the learn more tab.

Presentations, Workshops and Seminars

Ready for an energizing and motivating event? I’d love to come and be a part of your special function. Whether you are looking for a motivational or educational speaker to engage your audience, I have the tools and experience to add incredible value to your event.  I facilitate hourly, half-day or full-day events. I have a wide variety of material that I customize to your specific needs or audience. I specialize on the topics of sleep, nutrition, exercise, mental health, digestion, medical conditions and lifestyle factors. I’m able to talk about these topics altogether or each topic as a stand-alone unit. Connect with me for booking information. I’ll create a program that empowers and inspires your large corporate team or small group to live a richer life.

Work at Your Own Pace

I know that you are keen to make healthy lifestyle changes so that you can live a richer life. Sometimes it’s challenging to commit to coaching programs, but I’ve got great news. You can work through my book at your own pace and create your own personal transformation journey. Click here to find out how you can start taking charge of your health today. You’ll learn how to improve your diet, fitness, sleep and stress management to start feeling your best.