Quick Answer: How Do You Say Someone Lost Weight?

How do you tell someone they look good?

5 Ways to Tell Someone They’re Attractive (Without Being Weird)5 Ways to Tell Someone They’re Attractive (Without Being A Creep)Make sure compliments are specific to THEM.

Tell them about the emotions she has stirred in you.

Be vague.

Be sincere with what you say.

Maintain strong eye contact while you talk to them.Sep 26, 2017.

What do you say when someone comments to lose weight?

What to do when someone comments on your weightKnow it’s probably not about you. I know, I know. … Come back with a compliment. This is for the people who are intentionally trying to hurt your feeelings. … Hit the comment right back at them. Say ‘so do you’ and smile sweetly. … Call them out. … Ignore it. … Remove yourself.Oct 31, 2019

Is it rude to say someone has lost weight?

1. “How much weight did you lose?” Asking someone his or her weight is rude and invasive and it downgrades the immense effort it took to create the weight loss to a simple number. Think of it this way: how much someone has lost is as private as their current weight, age or salary.

What should you never say to lose weight?

“So what are you going to do to keep the weight off?” The fear of gaining the weight back races through my head every day. Please don’t fuel the fire. 4. “You look too skinny.” Reserve this comment, even if it’s meant to flatter, for extreme situations when you genuinely think someone is at risk.

How do you tell someone about your weight?

The Do’sDo remember that your loved one may already feel ashamed. Even if your loved one jokes openly about their weight, this does not mean they are comfortable with their body. … Do speak about health and feelings. … Do speak with love and respect. … Do use empathy. … Do look beyond fault.Oct 2, 2013

How can you tell if you’ve lost weight?

10 signs you’re losing weightYou’re not hungry all the time. … Your sense of well-being improves. … Your clothes fit differently. … You’re noticing some muscle definition. … Your body measurements are changing. … Your chronic pain improves. … You’re going to the bathroom more — or less — frequently. … Your blood pressure is coming down.More items…•Nov 30, 2020

How do you compliment someone who lost weight?

If you’re wondering how to compliment someone on their weight loss, take a step back. Tell them that they’re a great friend; a beautiful person, or a good cook. Tell them you love to see that smile on their face, or that they look happy.

Should you comment on someone’s weight loss?

Most of us know that pointing out that someone has gained weight is socially unacceptable. However, many still think that making comments about weight loss are compliments. According to Dr. Lauren Muhlheim, a certified eating disorder specialist and director of Eating Disorder Therapy LA, they’re anything but okay.

How do you tell someone you look good after losing weight?

“The best recourse is to simply not say anything about appearance. Instead, make a comment or ask a question that has nothing to do with how anyone looks. Comment that they look happy, or even upset, today and ask what’s going on. Compliment them for being a good listener or having a great sense of humor.

Will guys like me if I lose weight?

If you lost the weight and it did change his mind and make him want to be romantic with you, it says he is a very shallow person. Lose the weight if you want to or if it makes you feel better about yourself, but don’t do it for him or any other guy. Yes, certainly. … Healthy weight is attractive.