What's your lifestyle strategy?

Built on knowledge and experience

Your Lifestyle Strategy provides you with the information, tools and resources you need to become your healthiest self. You will learn clear and simple changes you can apply to the fundamental areas of health and wellness. Improve your diet, fitness, sleep and stress management to start feeling your best.

Your Lifestyle Strategy is about taking charge of your own health. It’s directing your own medical care. It’s preventing problems and diseases so you don’t have bigger problems down the line. It’s setting an intention for your own choices and fully understanding the health decisions you’re making. It’s feeling your best and living life to its fullest. It’s a lifestyle!

Learn how to feel your best

I want you to be healthier. I want you to be stronger. I want you to feel like yourself again. I want you to understand that just because things are common with age—weight gain, multiple medications, sleepless nights, chronic disease— doesn’t mean that they are normal, or that you need to accept them. Set yourself up for success. Get the information and programs you need with Your Lifestyle Strategy.

Be proactive

We can all be healthier. Be more active. Reduce stress. Sleep more. There are always ways to improve ourselves and ultimately feel healthier. The first step is deciding that you ready to make changes in your life. You are ready to take charge and prevent larger health issues down the line.

Make a bigger impact on your health by spending more time on health fundamentals and primary prevention. Let’s work to get healthier and stop problems before they start.

Get informed. Set goals. Get started.

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Where did Your Lifestyle Strategy Come from?

I know what you are going through. I’ve battled with health issues. I spent years choosing the wrong foods, supporting the wrong habits and searching for answers about my health. Having two undergraduate degrees in health care didn’t really help me either. My formal education didn’t teach me about how to achieve optimal health or prevent disease.

When I was feeling broken, I started reading anything I could get my hands on about disease prevention, optimal health, wellness and well being. I found that the same health habits kept popping up. Through trial and error, I found a way to stack these healthy habits in the right order. I rediscovered the fundamental basics of healthy living. Now I am healthy, happy and balanced. Together, we can get you there too.

What is Your Lifestyle Strategy based on?

Your Lifestyle Strategy is based on recommendations and habits that are the fundamental blueprints to vital living. In order to feel your best, you need these basic areas to be in balance. You need to eat nutritious foods. You need to exercise. You need to sleep. You need to take care of yourself. This isn’t new information, but I’ve done the hard work for you. I’ve scoured hundreds of journal articles, text books, guidelines and credible health organizations to put together the best facts and recommendations for each of these areas. Your Lifestyle Strategy is designed for people like you. People who want to feel better. Who deserve better. Who want to be healthier. You want to achieve optimal health. We can help you take small steps to meet your goals.

How does Your Lifestyle Strategy Work?

Your Lifestyle Strategy is built on fundamental health choices, information and small changes. And, it all starts with you. When you are ready to make changes, you can learn to remove any health barriers that may be stopping your progress.

Your overall health and wellness is built on a foundation of proper sleep habits, nutrition, exercise and mental health. Then, you layer digestion, lifestyle factors and medical conditions on top of that base. They all work together in a delicate balance. At times, you can get away with one of these areas being out of alignment, but if more than one of these areas is out of balance, it can collapse your health. Your Lifestyle Strategy focuses on providing you with accessible information and guidelines to help you make small changes, form healthy habits and strengthen your health and wellness foundation. My focus is making you feel your best and helping you stay healthy, balanced and strong.