Live a richer life.

Health mastery for women of influence.

Live a richer life.

Health mastery for women of influence.

Live a richer life.

Health mastery for women of influence.

If you’ve ever said “I’ve been fat my whole life and it’s not going to change” or feel like your weight has sabotaged success in your career, then you’re in the right place.

I know what it’s like to feel broken. That was my life before I developed Your Lifestyle Strategy. Despite eating healthy, exercising and meditating, I was overweight, inflamed and felt like I was losing my mind. My sleep was severely disrupted, leaving me with only a few hours of rest each night. I’ve struggled food sensitivities, injuries, and recovery from invasive surgeries. I’ve gone through the health care system only to be told there wasn’t anything wrong with me. But, I knew I could feel better. Be healthier. Be stronger.

I started my own journey to reclaim my health and learned some fundamental wellness information that helped me turn my life around and created what would ultimately become Your Lifestyle Strategy. I’ve put all of my education from Nursing and Kinesiology into this program to make it super easy for you to get quick results. Now I’m here to share this information with you!

I’ll help you cut through the noise of all the information out there and get to the fundamental blueprint for a vital life. We focus on one area at a time. This gives a trickle-down effect to produce results in other areas of your life.

Kendra started working with me after her doctor told her that she needed to get her weight in check and get her diabetes under control. Kendra had difficulty walking around because her weight was really impacting her knees. Before seeing me, she had a lot of anxiety about the future of her health and was worried about not being able to be active with her grandchildren. After a few weeks of working together, Kendra confessed that she learned more from one hour working with me then she did after a month of working with a Certified Diabetes Educator.

Kendra went on to lose 25 pounds over the next three months and was able to bring her blood sugar back into a normal range. What’s even bigger was how excited Kendra was to take her grandchildren to Disneyland and walk all day without needing sit down. She could barely walk before and didn’t even think that would ever be possible. This is why my program is so effective.

I help you simplify your life so you that don’t feel overwhelmed. Kendra said that I was able to explain things in a way that she could easily understand and delivered her results that she had not previously been able to attain. This story really excites me because Kendra was headed down the road of depression. She was cynical and resigned that nothing could help her lose the weight. Had Kendra not taken my program she could have had irreversible damage from her uncontrolled diabetes. Worse off, she was headed for a life confined to a mobility scooter, which would have left Kendra feeling more isolated and depressed.

We worked together and got Kendra permanent results through my blueprint for vital living. We addressed one thing at a time and got results in so many other areas. That’s the great things about how my program works. You continue to maximize your gains because we regularly re-evaluate and do the one thing that gets you the best results.

Let's Make a Plan

Work with Your Lifestyle Strategy to create a personalized plan to give you more energy and vitality. Start moving forward. Learn how to feel your best.

Learn From My Experience

I can relate to what you are going through. I have battled with health issues. Now I’m healthy, happy and balanced. Together, we can get you there too.


Healthy by Choice

You can do this! Take charge of your health by making small changes with big results. Your Lifestyle Strategy will help you develop habits that last a lifetime.

I want to show you how to master your health so that you’ll never go back to your weight loss struggles. I never want you to be in this position again. I want to help you find worthiness and self-acceptance so that you can live your richest life. Let’s work together and create results that last.

Ready for a change and not sure if this is right for you? Book a complimentary session with me. We’ll discuss what your current challenges are and decide if we’re the right fit together. If we decide to work together and you’re not satisfied with the results, I’ll offer my happiness guarantee. If you aren’t overjoyed with your improved self-esteem, better work-life balance, or newfound energy, I’ll refund your investment.

Book your free consultation below. What do you have to gain?

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